Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh I know...I'm Bootleg

*sigh* I'm sorry for the lack of updates--it's been a busy six weeks. I was busy with my Area Exams in order to qualify for my doctorate (once I write my dissertation). I PASSED!!! This is great news and means that my self-imposed prison sentence of being a graduate student is over and now I get to be more of an independent scholar. All is not complete and I am not yet a Doctor of Ideas, but I will be working on my dissertation proposal this summer. After I finish that and my committee approves it in the Fall, I can "officially" start writing my "diss," but ya'll know I've been working on that baby already. Anywho, I'm sure to blog about my participation in my exciting Lacan Summer Reading Group, who is Jacques Lacan? Click Here, por plus d'information.

So what do my days look like now? Well, I've just returned from my favorite place in the Mexican Yuca that shall remain nameless because Snow told me to stop blogging about it, less rude, fat, American heathens descend upon it, ruining all it's pristine glory. Well, it's already happening (thanks to me), but I still will refrain from naming the place. Anyway, it was glorious--the best time I've had, even as it was difficult as well. Here's me writing just a few days ago:
I think I was writing my friend Sandy Bell an email.

I did yoga twice a day most days. Once at a local place, with my lovely Mexican teacher, Carla, and also with the incredibly intense and energetic Elise. I also cultivated my self-practice, which I can't find any good links for right now so sorry. But I tried out some Yin Yoga to help me balance my more vigourous Hatha Vinyasa practice. But wait, where's the hip hop? Why all this yoga-smoga talk? Hey, hey, relax, I'm getting to it--it's all part of the same thing. Not convinced, read this article while I'm writing.

what's new for your girl Paradigm with song and rhyme? Well, I have two shows in Toronto next month for their Pride and some other things cooking in Detroit and my fair City, the N-Y as well.

Next blog, will be about my last two shows in Denver and Brooklyn, my Buddhist retreat, Peace Out East and much much more. Holla!

Listening to RIGHT NOW: Jean Grae's "A-Alikes," from This Week

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