Friday, August 06, 2010

Moving to Tumblr

I've migrated this blog to tumblr. Please find me at Randomness of a Brooklyn Scholar

This blog will serve as an archive, but I won't be posting here anymore.

Thank you all for reading.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Big Band in Union Square

Last Thursday, I was walking with Ethan Nichtern post-"Meditation in Everyday Life" class that he teaches and for which I'm the Teaching Assistant.

As we chatted and walked through Union Square, we heard the delightful sound of a live Big Band. It sounded to me like New Orleans-style music. It was delightful to hear and wonderful to watch people just dance and enjoy themselves.

I took a little snippet using my wifey, the Iphone 4.


Unexpected (for "Texas")

we happened upon each other by circumstance.
a spark of something--recognition adorning desire.
a steady, slow pace.
dinner, laughter, conversation over dessert at Chikalicous.

yes, this was definitely a date.