Saturday, March 01, 2008

Check out Invincible!

My homegirl, Invincible, has a new label and website up. Please check her out. I met Invincible in 2000 at a GLAAD panel on Homophobia and Hip Hop. There were two of us artists on the panel, as well as James Earl Hardy. GLAAD wanted us to talk about how horrible hip hop was and why we as black folks was 'shamed of it. Well. We were having none of that.

At any rate, I met her and we ended up vibin', staying in touch and building together over the years. She is also a part of an incredible group, called The Anamolies, an all-female, multi-racial/ethnic hip hop group filled with emcees, DJ, breakers and poppers.

Independent Hip Hop Forever!

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Kesha Bruce said...

"..why we as black folks was 'shamed of it."

Why don't you do a blog entry on this? I'd definitely like to hear more about what was said on that GLAAD panel.