Friday, November 21, 2008

Requiem for W...Overture for O

For all you artists out there, who have had something to say about Bush, the War on Terror, all of the impingements the government has made on our civil liberties, and ,of course, the new day that has dawned with the election of Barack Obama as President off the United States, here's your opportunity to shine:

Seeking dance, theater, spoken word, video and music created from 2000-2008 in response to the Bush Administration’s domestic and foreign policy for the ‘Requiem for W…Overture for O’ show in January 2009. From the stolen elections, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, torture & Guantanamo Bay, proposed Constitutional Amendments against gay marriage, to Hurricane Katrina, how did artists respond to the politics of the past 8 years? Let’s celebrate the end of the Bush era and continue to strengthen the movement for social justice for the years ahead.

Submit your own work or suggest a piece that you saw.

Email or visit for an application. Applications due November 24th!

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