Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Cost of Health

So, I'm no healthcare expert. Nor do I understand why it's a big deal for everyone to have basic health coverage (and even gasp! have the government help foot the bill). However, my own experiences with navigating the world of doctors, insurance companies and prescriptions has left me realizing it's a full time job to manage one's healthcare.

As a graduate student, I am afforded insurance, so I don't have to get married or get another job in order to have health insurance. As someone with a pre-existing condition, this is key. well color me broke when I realized my prescription benefits had been cut from $3500 to $2000. I went to the pharmacy and was told I would have to shell out $300+ a month for my 30 dang pills. Well. Of course I freaked out. After calling the insurance and the pharmacy, I called student health and a wonderful woman gave me a plethora of resources to check on free or reduced medication.

Many of the programs are for low-income, poor, or working-poor families. I only looked at the ones that were free, not the paid services that "found" free programs. At any rate. I applied for a few but was denied because I did have coverage or I made too much money. Yet I found one, Xubex that helped me find the appropriate programs for which to apply.

I got a free 30 day supply and will be able to order a 90 day supply for $40 ( i was paying $25/mo under my student insurance). Come August 22, I'll have my coverage again, but I wonder just how many people go through these types of struggles? I wanted to share a little bit of information if it could be of benefit.

Some helpful resources:
Pfizer Friends


Cres Hernandez said...

healthcare, or more appropriately, lack of healthcare, is a reoccuring nightmare for me. really. i've never been to manage it nor afford it even at discounted rates. honestly, i'd be shocked if i make it to see 40. i certainly don't expect to have any teeth left in my head by then.

Xiomara A. Maldonado said...

Health care is far too expensive for the average worker. People like me, who work at small nonprofits, are unable to access adequate and affordable health care with HMO plans. For example, just last month I had to undergo a $300.00 emergency root canal procedure, which placed an extraordinary financial burden on me (and such stress!) this month. Then, the organization suddenly upgraded our health care to an EPO a few weeks ago so a coworker of mine must now pay $500.00 to stay in the hospital when she gives birth. All kinds of people face financial challenges medically everyday so thank you for posting these resources!

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