Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March Madness. It's carpets, it's madness.

Sorry it's been a minute ya'll. I had to take a little escape to one of my favorite places on Earth: Tulum. I know it's odd to link a site that translates, "Crazy white dude," but all the other ones were even more WACK! Fix that, cuz Tulum is the bomb! Here's me looking crazy in the hammock.

I flew back early from my vacation to be on a panel, "Hip-Hop and Homophobia: Exploring Bisexuality, Masculinity, and the DL," organized by Princeton University's LGBT Center (big shout to Larry Lyons and Deb Barasky for making that happen). I was pumped because I got to sit on the a panel with Dr. Cornel West!! Yo, and that cat is as off the hook as he is brilliant. Marc, sorry I didn't tell you beforehand--it was hectic, but I got his number, son, holla. Anywho. Other panelist, were Dr. David Malebranche and Lynne d Johnson. It was pretty lively and think Princeton never had so much hip hop, queerness and blackness all in one place. Very dope. All the panelist where incredibly artrickulate and down-to-earth.

I've been checking out shows, you know, artists got to get inspired and such. I saw my homie, Reuben Butchart at his album release party for Golden Boy. He's sensational and you should see him live--Quebecois soul. Two days later, I had the privilege of seeing Antony & the Johnsons with the Brooklyn Philharmonic at BAM. All I can say is "wow." It was truly a sensationally powerful experience. His voice is dazzling and transportative. Plus, he did the most unbelievable rendition of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." Seriously. Brilliant insanity.

In terms of my own work, got lots going on: next week, I'll be uptown as an audience member at, what looks to be a great panel at Harlem Children's Zone, a screening and dialogue about Byron Hurt's film, Beyond Beats and Rhymes, sponsored by GenderPAC. Should be cool.

I'm doing some studio work with the AV Folklore peeps who are bringing their groovy sounds and art from London.

Next month, I'm heading into the studio to work on some more songs for my solo album. I'm doing in a show in Denver...I know, but hey, cool, right. It's going to be the hotness. Check it, check it, check it out, just channeling a little LONS there (isn't INSANE they have a wiki entry?). My "studio" look (notice how I'm mad important and on the phone).

What else? Oh, in a totally different musical vein, I'm bringing it back and singing classical/operatic music on May 19th at my high school alma mater, in a tribute to the woman who basically convinced me I could have a career as a singer. She died 10 years ago from stomach cancer, but had a heavy influence on my life (and many others). We're singing some of her fave songs. Oh don't worry, I'll make sure Snowflake takes mad pictures and I will post them here. And you will all laugh.

Still studying for my doctoral qualifying exams next month, that's also part of the reason I've been a bit off the radar. Doing so much yoga it's insane and loving it. I have a great school and am getting super-buff, even if Snowflake still makes fun of my bebidas belly. I'm all about yoga and creativity.

Oh yeah, buy my album.

I will be writing soon. Seriously. I have to write about my obsession with Chris Brown. And my adventures with my homie, Keasha, who's coming to NYC next week.


Tab said...

Watch, as I combine all the juice from the mind/ Heel up, reel up, bring it back, come rewind...

keep making it happen girl. lets chill soon. did Cornel give you a pound when you saw him?

Kesha Bruce said...

Damn girl---just reading that post made me tired. When do you sleep?

Also Cornel West = cool.

Can't wait to see you next week!

Crazy fun! AAaaaaahhhhhhhh!

LiquidVideo Artistry said...

Love your blog - and love knowing where you're at!
You keep me inspired.

hlh said...

Anthony & the Johnsons with the Brooklyn Philharmonic at BAM... i said "wow" out loud before i even read the next sentence. :) what an amazing show!!!

great to hear what you're up to, girl. you go on with your badass cornel-west-buddy self!

J said...

Hey Shante! You go with your creative, intelligent, beautiful self. Wish I could have listened in on that panel discussion... Glad to hear you're still pushing each of us (and yourself) to be more conscious and engaged.

Hope to catch up with you in person sometime this summer. Best of luck on your exams!
-j bleiker

Patricia Rojas said...

Hey, lil mama! Just checked out your blog...very cool. And I know I have been out of the loop for a minute (I think the last time I saw you was almost a year ago!) but no matter how much time passes, you are always lookin' fine! And I must admit I, too, have a serious thing for Chris Brown, my slice of tenderoni sunshine!