Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Awakenings

Hey ya'll, Happy Spring and all that jazz. My good friend and fellow PhD candidate, Frank Leon Roberts, interviewed me for his blog, Brooklyn Boy Blues, which is just to the right as well, under Frank Leon Roberts in my Friends O' Paradigm section. I'm talking about the music scholarship side of my work. Let me know what you think.

This is the picture from the Princeton Event, I blogged about last time. From left to write, Larry D. Lyons, Dr. David Malebranche, Lynne d Johnson, Dr. Cornel West, et moi. I was going on and on about how Princeton had their own water, see the bottom of the picture, until I recalled that NYU and Smith College do as well. Why do these schools need to bottle their own water and advertise themselves on school premises? Don't people who are already there, know where they are?

Also, exciting news: My good pal, Eric Pritchard let me know that Homegirls Make Some Noise! Hip Hop Feminist Anthology is out. It contains an article her wrote, "Sista Outsider: Queer Women of Color and Hip Hop," which interviews me, Jen Ro and Mz. Fontaine, as well as talking about Hanifah Walidah. check it out!

I have a show coming up in a few weeks. I'll be blogging about the details while on the road. I've got exams for school from April 12-24th, but will blog my little heart out after that.



Eric Pritchard said...

Hey honey... thanks for the shout out.Good luck with exams too... but I am sure you won't need it, smarty


Kesha Bruce said...

As usual, you are a woman on the move. Post more info and pics soon!