Monday, June 11, 2007

Shante Paradigm Website

Hey Ya'll! The Shante Paradigm website is live. I know it need work, but a girl is just proud to have it up after owning the URL for a year with nothing there.

I will continue to use to site for musings and other such things. I am working on Peace Out East right now, so look for the updates to get more frequent.

As a little treat, I will leave you with two videos for discussion.

The first is a fabulous YouTube creation called, Miss Cleo vs. Milan, this is outrageously funny and fantastic. I'm really digging the quotidian topic, the high phone bill from calling Miss Cleo, but really the fake Cazels are the star of this video....but that Theo Huxtable shirt is a close second.The gold teefs round out the top three.

Speaking of old school vibes, my boy Bryan alerted me to a lovely little bubble gum song, that is helping to renew my faith in age-appropriate hip hop. Lil' Mama's "Lip Gloss" is kinda the jam (shut up Loo Loo)! I mean, shouldn't a 17 year-old be rapping about school lip gloss (from Mac), her locker, anxiety about the cool crowd, her Yankees cap (Booooo, the Stankees suck, Mets baby!!!), and other such innocent topics? No gats, no drugs, no Courvoisier, no clubs, no Jags and rims, just kid stuff. Plus this little girl can rap, even if her subject matter is pretty silly. Check it out! Oh, but black people with light eyes scare the bejesus out of me! She looks like Bow-Wow's lil sister. Anyway, here's Lip Gloss. I can't figure out why she is grabbing her crotch so much. And why must black people always try to make our children grown, Lil Mama? Lil Man, etc,. Sigh, we've got problems, but at least we can sang and dance...

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One Love


JFP said...

Thank your for introducing me to Lil Mama. Good times are not crimes.

Much Love,

Frank León Roberts said...

Yes, the Miss Cleo video is a good solid hot mess. Which means i LOVE IT, of course. Congrats on the website, i know how it is to own a url for years yet never make a move on it.