Monday, February 11, 2008

Jean Grae, Talib Kweli, and MC Colt 45???

Sooooo, I'm writing about Jean Grae in-depth for my Doctoral dissertation. I have no title as of yet, but the topic is: The Performance of Gender and Sexuality in New York City Hip Hop from 1985-Present. Whew!

And one day, I will break it down, but for now, I want to talk a little about Jeanie. Jean is a fascinating lyricist, vocalist,producer. She was formerly known as Wha? Wha? and has had a strange, brilliant and somewhat frustrating career as a preeminent underground emcee. Of course, she is a particular breed of emcee, being female, South African-born, fiercely and poetically honest in her subject matter, tone and delivery.

But she's also one hell of a comedian. My homeboy, B Prof (you got a webpage, boo?) sent me this AMAZING video, featuring Talib Kweli and Jean Grae. It's an episode of the MTV web series MADE.

In this one, MC Colt 45 wants to...oh just watch it, it's GLORIOUS!!!

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