Thursday, February 28, 2008

Music Scholar, Music Holla!

When I'm not reading my new fave site, I'm busily thinking about, talking about, listening to, and making music. I've recently had a flurry of scholarly-related music/popular culture gigs. Tabs, Gelsey Bell and I are trying to get some money to make an album over the next year. That's the hotness.

Here's a little pic of us messing around, even though Chris made fun of my lack of gee-tar skills by saying I was playing "More Than Words." God helps us all.

Today, it was a PS Panel of Plenty! It was organized by MA students, Eric Miles Glover and Ellen Cleghorne and featured stellar thinkers and practitioners, Marti Newland, Frank Leon Roberts and Tavia Nyong'o as well as yours truly. It was a great panel with incredible range (music, lit, politics, theatre, TV).

Next Tuesday, Tavia and I are doing a great talk for the Colloqium for Unpopular Culture at NYU's SCSA on two obscure films, Deadly Art of Survival and 80 Blocks from Tiffanys. Come watch the bizarre unfold with us!

Ok, just downloaded the new Erykah, so gotta rock that. Even though some Educated Black Folks think she's too popular.

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