Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calling All Musicians

(I was asked to pass this on)

Calling all musicians!

Want to get an inspirational message out there, but find yourself beating the same drum? Lambda Legal, the largest and oldest national legal organization dedicated to achieving civil rights for the LGBT and HIV communities, wants you!

This year we are hosting our biggest anti-workplace discrimination rally yet. Already thousands of Americans have signed the pledge, and we want thousands more to sign before our national Clock In Pledge-a-Thon for Workplace Equality on May 15. We’ve got victory on our minds and music in our hearts. There’s only one problem. We don’t have a theme song!

Want to give a unique gift to the fight against workplace discrimination? Help us educate the public, our allies and our communities about the harassment and discrimination LGBT people and people with HIV can face at work. Donate your very own inspirational, motivational and upbeat jam for us to put to our 2008 Clock In video on YouTube and you’ve got your name in the credits!

Double your exposure.

Send us your “I signed the pledge!” photo with your video to isigned[AT]lambdalegal [DOT]org, and we’ll post it to our Flickr Clock In group. Carson Kressley (Queer Eye) and Christian Siriano (Project Runway) did it. What are you waiting for?

Together we can crush workplace discrimination!

For more about Lambda Legal, visit Lambda Legal. For more about the 2008 Clock In Pledge-a-Thon for Workplace Equality, visit our Clock In page. And don’t forget to join us on MySpace!

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