Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New York is Weird

So...I'm walking around the West Vill last night to make a few purchases at Satya and I see these guys who look like Secret Service. I peek my head into the bakery next door and who's there...Bill Clinton...eating cherry cheescake.

I SWEAR to you!

It's weird because seeing him in person, was like seeing him on the big screen. There was a fuzzy light around him. It was either the aura of enlightenment or some scary black-ops weirdo government neuro-disrupter. Which one do you think I chose?

Anyway, a no-neck (seriously, the dude had no neck) Agent came over and I said, "I guess I can't stand here, huh?" He replies," Well, you're standing here and then 5 guys are going to come over and ask you out and then I'm going to have to crack skulls." I looked at him and reminded him we were on the corner of Christopher and Bleecker Streets...he didn't need to worry about any men hitting on me. At least not the type he was speaking of.


Here's a weird picture I can actually show: a classic caddy with a taped roof top. I Heart NY
Happy Spring!


Kesha Bruce said...

In some strange way, that post made me homesick.

Can't wait to see you in May!

Shante Paradigm said...

can't wait to see you and your show next week! lots of love and i miss you too in NYC.