Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cuz We Are Living in a Material World...

...I'm not much of a Material Girl. Really I'm not. I'm more of a reformed materialist; a recovering Material Girl if you will. HOWEVER, I've been bitten by the LCD flat screen bug. I have no idea why, now, or from where this has come, but I have some ideas.

1. I'm moving to a new place:
Since I'll pretty much have my own space, I can kick back and watch movies (I don't have cable/Direct TV) without feeling like a total isolationist and having it in my room. My current apartment (for the next little bit) has an old school TV, but it's never amounted to a big communal space. I'm also prone to fits of quiet solitude and don't always find the television soothing. In fact, I like more the way a tv (especially a flat screen) looks rather than how it sounds...BUT, it seems I am driiiiffffftinnggg toward getting one and watching it.

2. I miss TV: well mostly I want to watch HULU and I want my poor Mac to just be it's cute computer self, not double as a TV anymore. Uhh, fine I'll still have to hook up the VGA cable, but it sounds good anyway.

3. Something for the Ladies: That's right, "Do you want to see my flat screen?" gets 'em everytime.

So what will it be:

Well, I went to Circuit City (i.e. Bootleg-ass, Ghetto-ass City) tonight to price them. I decided against the TV/DVD combo, even though it seemed the easiest choice. But I know those combo-things ALWAYS break down quickly. I saw a Samsung I liked: 20 inches, under 300 bucks and super-cute, but no VGA...boooooo. so can't get it.

Then I went to ebay and saw one in my price range and size range. Proud to say I;m not a size queen so it can be between 19-22 inches...oh god, LOL, can you IMAGINE?!!??! Anywho, get your minds out of the gutter children!!!

We shall see. Any of you who have any advice or extra money lying around, hit me up Shante [AT] ShanteParadigm [DOT] com.

and ladies (and some special gents) get ready for some goooood loving opportunities.

This will be one of the gems I'll be watching on my new TV:

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