Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brooklyn Public Schools and The Post

This happened a few days ago and I meant to post it then, from my roomie, the divine Ms. UnaKariim:

"So right now, I'm trapped inside the school building because the school is surrounded by police and media.

Nothing jumped off today but this rawkus is a continuation of a meelee that ensued several weeks ago and may not die until someone actually dies. Today is obviously safe--nothing will happen with the news and the police around. The NYPost is sort of gossipy and ranks last of top NYer reads---3rd to the Times and the Daily News. What is crazy is that our small school drama that escalated into big drama (in a city of over 8 million people) The Post that has escalated into neighborhood drama is being covered by News4 as I type.

In this case of drama, the parents became involved on multiple levels... Some bringing their kids to school TO fight, some fighting (or bringing other family members to fight, some coming to escort their kids to school and to meet with other parents and the principal to come up with solutions. No solutions were reached, the room was filled with emotionally charged parents talking over one another pointing fingers and no real solutions at the end.

Shootings in and around this neighborhood are common place when it gets warm, and for those who don't know my car, poor thing, was actually caught in random cross-fire last fall.

I don't really worry about losing my life, I just worry about the kids and pray that I don't get maimed or caught up in something crazy.

What is sad is that all of this coverage is happening over escalating violence. However, I doubt that if news were asked to come and cover the horrendous disparities between this school (evident in the filth, the lack of technology and other BASIC resources--i.e. a library and a librarian, class sizes under 30, and host of other disadvantages) and others, they would probably not come---nor would the parents. The sad thing is when anyone asks "what's wrong with education" everyone says "the teachers."

Hopefully this clears up so I can leave. I have 12 more instruction days left and the possibility of transferring next year remains in limbo.

I'll keep you posted and hopefully I can bounce outta here in the next 15 minutes."

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