Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Friends, Two Art Shows, Too Fly!

I have some talented friends and want you to go see their shows:

Next week, my good friend Kesha Bruce has her show opening up, details here. She's Coming to America all the way from France. Well, we met many years ago when she was still living in BK, but one of my favorite things about her is that she is from Iowa. yes, Iowa. I didn't know they had black people there either.Super-fun time will be had by one and all.

Another friend, Sophia Wallace, had an opening Tuesday, which I had to miss, but has a great show that I will be seeing very soon. Check it out.

I'm no art buff, but I am definitely learning more about it and appreciated the visual arts in greater measure. So many of my friends make visual art, I decided it's high time I get into it.

Anyway, I really am packing up my place. Moving day looks to be manana.Fun, fun, fun!

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