Friday, June 04, 2010

A Dream Gleeky Dream Come True

There is no excuse for this blog post being this late, except for to say, I was ambivalent about writing is. Then I decided 'Eff it! I owe it to the gleeks of the world' to talk about my experience with DJing the Glee National Live Tour after party at the fabulous 6th Street Kitchen owned by my friend, Chris Genoversa.

It happened the way all of these Hollywood/New York City dream stories happen--very quickly. One minute Im on the phone with Sophia talking shop, the next, Chris is calling me to ask if I can show up in 6 hours to the restaurant...cuz the Glee cast is coming. Is you crazy? Hellz-to-the-yes I'll be there.

I show up around 11pm, already one hour past my bedtime, and chef Brandon and the rest of the kitchen guys were there along with Darren and another waiter. Coffee. Me, a self-professed non-coffee drinker needed coffee to both wake up and still my nerves (oh the irony). I felt like I was going to throw up. I was going to meet BRITTANY!!??? OH. M. GEE! It starts off with the sweet costume designer and a handful of back-up dancers and singers showing up around 11:30. It was all very civilized.

The menu, was, as usual, amazing: chorizo sliders with manchego and aoili, veal and lamb meatballs, delectable beet salad, and some to-die-for brownies ( i almost climaxed when I ate mine. sad but true). Okay, but ya'll wanna know was there? ER'EBODY, except Puck and Mercedes and Sue and Will. what up wit dat? I can understand my gf Jane Lynch and sexy Matty M. not showing up, but I really was hoping to catch a glimpse of Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Mark Salling's Puck. Alas.

All I have to say is that Kevin McHale (Artie) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) are as funny, quirky and sweet-as-pie as you would expect. These actors have manners and style. When Kevin asked me, oh-so-politely if I had Usher's "OMG," I rushed to find that shit (after my hands stopped shaking) just to see him dance more. He can jam. What else? Harry Shum (Mike aka Other Asian) and Dijon Talton (Matt aka Shaft (thank you Sue Sylvester)), are incredibly talented, handsome, sexy men, if I went that way, mm, mm, mm, mama would likey. Ahem, Didja know that Dijon's cousing is my wish-wife, Meagan Good? mm, Megan. Okay. Cory Monteith (aka Finn) was totally quiet and politely Canadian. Perhaps one of the straightest men I've met in a long time. Naya Rivera (Santana) walked in and the finest quotient went up about 1000%. I used to think Lea Michele's anti-hero Rachel was my favorite, but Heather Morris as Brittany has my heart. Lea walked in the latest sporting a smile and great dance moves. I didn't recognize Dianna Argon (Quinn) cuz diva was rocking the biggest Aretha Franklin-esque hat to obscure her visage. All these tricks were dancing like crazy. Chris Colfer (Kurt) was a bit shy but right up in the fray dancing and singing away.

And then there was Heather Morris--what a ham! Making screw faces every tome someone took jer picture, doing the running man and cutting up, having a really good time. She's got some true comedic talent--like Lucile Ball/Carol Burnett/Gilda Radner potential. Sigh. I kept thinking to myself, 'you're my favorite.' But who wants to say a thing like that to a stranger? No, no, I kept my shades on and spun out the tunes. At one point, one of the dancers said, 'look at the DJ getting down.' It's true, you can't spin that good as music ("Rhythm of the Night" Hello!!!) and not feel it.

I was so bummed when I didn't get ticket to Radio City Music Hall to see the Glee cast, but Iw as blessed with a much better gift--I get to say and know tthe cast and crew and creators and executives of Glee danced and sang the night away to the music I played.

Favorite Moments of the Night:

--Creator/Producer/Director Ryan Murphy telling me I was doing a "great job" spinning...DYING!!!!

--Kevin McHale talking to me.

--Naya Rivera asking me where the bathroom was

--overhearing some juicy ass gossip about someone's sexuality. ha ha ha.

--just watching it all, taking it all in, hands shaking and all.

--seeing Harry Shum and Dijon Talton singing to Beyonce's "Ego."

--the whole figgin' night!

the only thing that could possibly top this is the cast of 30 Rock partying at 6th Street Kitchen. Are you listening Tina Fey?


Judy said...

Amazing! I got shaky reading this. I am such a hopeless Gleek. My gf is in love with Heather Morris. I am too.

Intro said...

I am even more in love with her after seeing her in person. Also, they are all MIDGETS! I've never seen suc h a short cast. Cory, harry and Dijon are regular size, but still sort of short. Also, well, i'll tell you other gossip off-line.


flexible said...

Great blogging. Glad you had fun.

Please detail more the Dianna Agron aspects of your experience. She is my favourite person. You said, walked in with hat and danced the night away.

Did you get to talk to her? I am as straight as a ruler but my heart melts at the friendship between Dianna and Lea. They do not understand the concept of personal space and I love that. Were they close to each other all night as usual? Except Hemo, who is the best dancer of the girls? Shame Mark Sailing was not there. I wonder why.

I thought Cory was a giant. LOL. What do you mean he is regular height? You must be very tall or maybe the rest are midgets and that is why we think he is so tall :)

I'll be happy if you answer my questions but it's also okay if you can't :)

Shante Paradigm said...

Hi Flexible: I actually didn't notice Dianna until later in the night when she was standing near the dj booth and i could see her face. Since she had her giant hait on and i was in my "zone" of spinning the tunes, i couldn't really look around. She looked happy and light and fun and that she and the rest of the cast genuinely seemed to like one another, which is awesome.

Lea seemed to be making the rounds with everyone, i saw her when she came in and then she was chatting with some of the background dancers. I;m sure she and DA were chilling, but can't give you first-han don that.

Corey was not a giant. he may be 5'1ii or maybe 6'0 but not a giant. the rest of the cast who were there other than Mike are SHORT! I'm only 5'8.