Monday, July 26, 2010

Yo' Shortie, you East Indian?

It's hilarious the things that (straight) men say to women in hopes of getting some...lovin'. So I'm walking the Brindles in lovely Prospect Park, when an older South Asian (at this point, I don't know his nationality/ethnicity) waves me over to ask some questions about my dogs (mm, hmm. yeah, right).

After the scintillating inquiries about Tilo's age and Drala's size, he looks at me and straight-up says, "You Indian?" BITCH PLEASE! I was silent for 5 seconds, whilst staring him in the eye, and then simply said, "No." I know, I know, I could have gone on and on about being AMERICAN Indian, not East Indian, but I just wanted to get away from Creepy Shala Creepy. The elderly gentleman, fo' real, put his arm next to mine and said, "we the same color." Now, I know this is some complicated post-colonial, color dialogue going on, but I am/was literally 47 shades darker than he is/was. DUDE!!!! I felt good about the fact that the years of colonial, white supremacy made him WANT to i.d. with blackness, but i knew there was a heterosexist agenda at work, so i had ta keep it movin'.

I did mumble an insincere, "well, all us brownies are related," before saying my goodbyes.

Sigh. If only he was 25 years younger and a woman...alas.

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