Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

Ok, so appparently, I have to share 5 things about myself here, that ya'll don't know.

1. I am a big, fat sap. I love sentimental things: sad songs, sad movies, talking animals are guarenteed to make me cry and so forth. It's true, very, very true.

2. My dog, Bronte, is probably my best friend. HEY! She doesn't talk back...much.

3. I heart hot chocolate. Some of you know this, but I do drink it all year long.

4. I am fastidious, bordering on neurotic. I like things clean and orderly.

5. I lived on a farm as a child.

PS- shanteparadigm.com and myspace.com/shanteparadigm have been updated.

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