Friday, December 14, 2007

Journal of Sonic Ethnography Meeting

Hey Ya'll:

I'm a pretty lucky lady. Not only do I make music sometimes, write about music and culture for my scholarly work, I am an Editor for the soon-to-be launched, Journal of Sonic Ethnography.

The Journal, supported by the Music Department at New York University, is just getting started. We met today to discuss our web design, content, issue themes, etc. My role is....uh, I'm the...Edi-t-or of Per-for-mance Stu-dies, yeah that's it. Anyway, I do some stuff that none of us have figured out yet.

The greatest thing is that we are creating a multi-media online journal incorporating sound, visual, text, and whatever else we can manage.

My very handsome, very cool, very talented colleague, Chris Tabron, is also on the Board.

But here's the truth: anyone who is on a board of something called the Journal of Sonic Ethnography is a serious nerd-ball.

Here are some pics of us:

First, our intrepid leader (on a rotating basis, of course) Ben Tausig.

Then we got the rest of us (excluding moi) just chizz-nillin':

One of my friends asked me to blog more. I'm really trying. That's a New Year's resolution for sure.



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